💻 Coding help, media synthesis, and gaming leaks
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💻 Coding help, media synthesis, and gaming leaks


The Signal


It is easy to learn the basics of almost any programming language but when it comes to more advanced topics, it's easy to get stuck.

Often you can’t find answers to advanced questions on Stack Overflow and many questions even if they're posted remain unanswered. Users know that advanced questions usually get little attention, and hence there's hardly any reputation to be earned.

The workaround I'm often using is to hire someone on UpWork who then jumps on a Zoom call with me. But since this is quite cumbersome (you need to post a job, wait for applications, filter through the noise, chat with applicants etc.) I'm rarely doing it even though I'd be happy to pay to get unstuck almost every day. Usually it's small things where just 5 minute of an expert's time would save me 3 hours.


StackOverflow is based on a reputation system. This is a somewhat romantic idea and of course works to some extent. But at the end of the day, magical internet points won't pay your bills.

So a platform like StackOverflow where people are actually paid for their efforts would be a huge upgrade. A first step in that direction is Steemit, a crypto Reddit alternative.

Paying users certainly would  help to get better answers to advanced questions. However, in any case, there's still quite a lot of friction since users have to leave their code editor, post the question, wait for replies, filter through the noise, and eventually pick the best answer so the poster can get paid.

An even better solution would be a service like ManyPixels or Design Dash but for coding help. The way these services work is that you pay a fixed fee per month and in return, their team joins your Slack channel (or whatever your preferred mode of communication is) and you can submit unlimited design requests.

Analogously, you could offer unlimited coding help for a fixed monthly fee. After the payment, users get invited to a private chat (Slack, Telegram, etc.) where they can ask for help whenever they get stuck. To make sure that questions are answered quickly at any time, the team should consist of several members living in different time zones.

To remove even more friction, this kind of service could be combined with a dedicated VS Code extension. (VS Code already enables users to pair program with others.) An extension that directly matches users with someone who can help them with their coding problem right in the editor whenever they need it would be incredibly useful.

Media Synthesis

The Signal


In the last few years, neural networks have become powerful not just in predicting and classifying data, but also in generating textual and multimedia content.

And the /r/MediaSynthesis subreddit is a perfect place to study what's possible.

Long texts written by AI tools are usually boring and make little sense. Hence where current tools really shine is writing assistance. They're good at adding or finishing a short sentence here or there, or writing an outline.

As AI moves from text to images, music, and videos, we'll most likely see a similar development.

Images that were generated completely by AI are usually a bit trippy and make little sense, at least by our human standards.


Likewise AI generated music tracks are usually likewise trippy and only really useful as background tracks.

But already now AI tools do a fantastic job at, for example, enhancing the quality of existing photos or isolating objects.

Similarly, tools like Descript are great at adding a word here or there into audio files, whereas full sentences that were generated by AI tools still sound somewhat awkward.


Just like we're seeing an explosion of AI writing assistance right now, the same will happen in every other creative niche.

To name just three examples:

  • Electronic music producers will use Fruity Loop AI extensions that automatically generate short music snippets that matches the style of their track.
  • Graphic designers will improve the quality of their renders using AI tools.
  • Interior designers will use AI tools to find inspiration, analogous to how fiction writers are already using GPT-3 to get unstuck.


The Signal


The global gaming market in 2021 will amount to 189 billion dollars and is expected to reach 300 billion in the next few years. Around 3 billion people play video games on their devices.

There's obviously a lot of demand for exclusive information and rumors in the gaming industry. Just look at the growth chart of the /r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit above. Of course, it's not just hardcore gamers but also analysts and game developers are keeping an eye on trends and opportunities in this area.

The search trend charts for "Gaming Leaks" and "Gaming Rumors" tell a similar story.


I have no idea how many of the 190,000+ members of the /r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit would be willing to pay for exclusive or easily digestible information. However, even a tiny percentage of them would be enough to have a sustainable business.

There doesn't seem to be any Substack newsletter yet dedicated to gaming leaks and rumors. Also the subdomains

  • gamingleaks.substsack.com
  • gamingrumours.substsack.com
  • gamingrumors.substsack.com

are all still available. A search in my personal newsletter database also came up empty.

An alternative angle could be a paid Discord channel similarly to the ones that work so well in the sneaker niche.

While it of course would help if you have any real insider information, this is certainly not required. To start with, you could curate information on several subreddits (LeaksAndRumours, GamingForGamers, etc.), Discord channels, forums (Gaming Latest, VGR Forum...), and blogs (VGR, Game Revolution,  Escapist...) and then publish a weekly digest.

Since there is already such a large community dedicated to gaming rumors on Reddit, an easy way to grow your newsletter would be to cross post your analysis and digests in relevant subreddits.

I hope you enjoyed this report. If you have a minute, please respond and let me know what you think.



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