➡️ Framework: Turn X into Y
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➡️ Framework: Turn X into Y

I'm looking for someone who can help me take Opportunities.so to the next level. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can find more information here.

Now without further ado, let's dive in.

💡 The idea

  • Study simple products with proven demand. Then build a better solution.
  • Info products (ebooks, courses, etc.) can be turned into SaaS products.
  • Digital products (templates, presets, etc.) can be turned into single-purpose apps.
  • Tweets and Reddit posts (/r/IWantToLearn, /r/YouShouldKnow, etc.) can be turned into info products.

h/t Jon Hainstock who prompted me to cover this idea.

🔥 Highlights

  • Danny Postma turned an ebook with 200 headline formulas (sold on Gumroad) into a headline generator SaaS called Headlime. Headlime reached $20k MRR before he sold it to Jarvis.ai. (Pieter Levels estimates that the acquisition price was around $1M.)
  • Beautiful.ai ($1M+ in yearly revenue) is for presentations what Headlime is for headlines, and was certainly inspired by the observation that beautiful PowerPoint templates are selling like crazy on marketplaces like GraphicRiver.

☁️ Opportunities

  • Look at the bestselling products in the "Education" category on Gumroad and look for info products you can turn into apps.

    I prepared this Airtable with information on the 1000 bestselling "Education" products since Gumroad's interface is not useful for serious research. (Note that only a few products have their sales numbers publicly available. However, a good rule of thumb is that the higher the category rank, the higher the revenue.)

    Three examples:
    - A software that allows users to find "profitable, everyday items you can purchase from Grocery & Major Retail Stores" would definitely be a much better solution than Grocery Profits (40 subscribers at $49/month = ~$2k MRR).
    - The Posture Program (487 sales at ~$44 = ~$20k in revenue) is a picture-perfect example of an info product waiting to be turned into an app.  
    - Conquer Cold Calling is a course that's generated more than $20k in revenue so far.  Is it maybe possible to create a software similar to Magic Sales Bot (which helps users write better cold emails) that leverages AI to come up with personalized cold email scripts?
  • Build a marketplace for a specific kind of digital product. Danny Postma is doing this right now for Tailwind components. There are similar opportunities for any frontend framework. The State of JS and State of CSS surveys are a treasure trove for these kinds of trends.
  • Study the bestselling products on GraphicRiver and look for digital products you can turn into single purpose app.

    As with Gumroad, I prepared an Airtable with information on all bestselling GraphicRiver products.

    Three interesting examples:
    - This Email Signature template pack ($2) has been sold 6907 times since it was launched in 2016.
    - The 3D Map Generator plugin for PhotoShop has generated almost $300k in revenue so far. (There are many competitors doing similarly well.)
    - The SandStorm Photoshop Action, admittedly a pretty cool effect, has generated $270k in total revenue.

    Each of them has the potential to be turned into a single-purpose app similar to ScreenStab or into a full-fledged SaaS.

🔗 Niche Business of the Week

In this new section, I'm highlighting one fun example that illustrates that there's a market for (almost) everything.

Taplist is a niche SaaS that targets breweries. All it does is provide an easy way for bars to present their rotating beer selection. (h/t Ryan Doyle)

I hope you enjoyed this report. If you have a minute, please respond and let me know what you think.



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